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Misano Adriatico - not only sea and circuit...
Misano Adriatico is situated in an excellent position for visiting many of the most attractive places along the Romagna Riviera, and for exploring the inland region with its historic villages and churches, entertaining folk festivals, and traditional local food.

While on a trip to Rimini, you can discover a rich past stretching back to Roman times by visiting the fascinating City Museum. You can also  explore the site known as the “Domus del Chirurgo” (House of the Surgeon), an ancient infirmary complete with medical instruments, or visit the evocative Malatesta Temple. Rimini hosts many events of interest to families, couples or young people. Among the most popular are the Cartoon Club in July, an exhibition of comics, and the A’marena film festival, staged right on the beach and held from mid-July to mid-August.

From the coast, you can venture inland to explore the beautiful mediaeval villages of the Valmarecchia. This is a very evocative landscape, with many castles and historical sites: places such as  Verucchio with its Malatesta fortress, San Leo with its imposing castle, or Casteldelci, with its mediaeval bridge and tradition of excellent cuisine. One of the most attractive mediaeval villages in the inland area is Sant’Agata Feltria, with its ancient Fregoso Fortress and Convent of San Girolamo.